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September 14, 2004
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McDonalds by killj0i McDonalds by killj0i
This is a rather large oil painting, some 30 x 50 feet in size. I wanted to address the culture clash occurring in the Middle-East, between Western contemporary values and the age-old conservative ways of Arab society. The mosque is missing some details and architectural features, namely spires, but I ended work on this painting at a deadline for an assignment. I plan on going back to finish it up when I can establish a studio to paint in, and will update the image to reflect the new details. The content however will remain the same and is open to criticism.
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Liubamir Apr 9, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this is very strong.
Great idea, very Banksy... Just a little more research into architecture in the middle east and it will be perfect. It definately has great potential!
Dude, that is nothing less than awesome. The painting is amazing, as is the statement.
The building in the background reminds me of Naboo, from Star Wars :P

Its beautiful :)
Noahluv Feb 26, 2008  Hobbyist Artist
that's awesome
nice painting, but i think that the message u were trying to communicate, by painting Agia Sofia, transformed from "the culture clash Western contemporary values and the age-old conservative ways of Arab society" into something more old and more general. Agia Sofia, a mosque, a museum today, is the biggest church for the eastern (orthodox) Christians and it never represented the age old blah blah blah. That building was and is what the basilica of St Peter is for the vatican (the spiritual capital of eastern christians is still "Istanbul" ) and for the catholic christians. If tomorrow minarets are build around that basilica it wont make it a symbol of the "age-old conservative ways of Arab society".
and btw where is the arab society? I dont think that the turks consider themselfs arab but european... maybe u should change that into Muslim society. Sorry for the somewhat harsh critic, just what i think :(
Good comments. At the time I was looking for merely a mosque as a reference. It's painfully obvious how little research I did and some ignorance on my part of architectural history :)
AdamHunterPeck Jul 29, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
tragic but true
WawaHaters Jul 16, 2007
Why can't the West leave us Muslims Alone?

Nice Painting of the Hagia Sophia Mosque ^_^b
from what i know that building it was a christian chruch...saint sophie in constantinopol..present istanbul....the capital of bizantin empire...after the turkes conquered Constantinopoles, they transformed it into a musulman church, the so called moskee...i do not know how to spell it in english...whatever...nice work...this really is a good example of culture clash...and it's a very old example..about 5-6 centuryes..:D
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